What’s better for your home?

As one of the most trusted residential interior designers in Bangalore, we are constantly asked about what’s best for homes with so many options available in the market. Out of the many questions we are asked here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients. If you too are in the process of designing or redesigning your home, we are sure these pointers will help make the right decision.

  1. Is MDF better than plywood? 

Both MDF and plywood are alternatives for solid wood as it is a more expensive option for most home owners. While both MDF and plywood have their own unique uses, in some places you might have to pick one of the two. Both MDF and plywood are engineered boards consisting of wooden particles or layers of wood. MDF has hardwood and softwood fibers which are glued together using different resins and subjected to high heat and pressure to form panels. Plywood on the other hand is made of thin layers of wood and both are available in different thicknesses and grades. While MDF is cheaper and has a more wood like finish, it is heavy and can easily split and sag under pressure. Plywood is a better option for home interiors as it is stronger and lighter. MDF is also messier to work with as it creates a lot of saw dust in comparison to plywood.  If you are looking to build cabinets and cupboards in your house, plywood is definitely the better alternative for you.

  1. Is factory made products better than the ones made onsite by carpenters? 

While you may see a wide array of readymade products that you can simply purchase and use it or assemble it yourself, as one of the top interior designers in Bangalore we can tell you that the products made on site are far more superior than any factory made products. Right from monitoring the raw material to having the opportunity to customize your products, there are many advantages of getting products made by an experienced team of carpenters.  With the right design guidance, they can create products that will endure the test of time and will be specifically tailored to your requirements in order to optimize the space and resources available.  You can pair different materials, opt for finishes of your choice and choose your raw material and ensure that the quality is top notch in the budget of your choosing.  This is simply not possible in case of factory made products which are mass produced to cater to a generic set of requirements.

  1. Branded vs non branded products

If you have been studying the market for varied products used in construction or interiors, you’d know that almost everything comes in different brands and price ranges. In the recent past, there has been a surge in the appearance of new brands making it a challenge to choose what’s best for our home. Right from a nail to a jacuzzi, you could find the same product in a wide price range. While the ones that are cheaper are appealing when we look from the budget perspective, one must remember that these products are often not reliable and do not come with the guarantee as provided by a standard brand. Many a times unbranded or unknown brands do not offer genuine service or warranty of their products. It is always better to choose a product that is branded and comes with a good reputation, larger variety and service etc. These products are durable and you can seek immediate service or assistance when the need arises. We always offer our customers a design package that includes branded products as the options available in terms of finishes, variety in designs and the quality are always better in well-established and recognized brands.

Your home is your canvas and everything that goes into your abode must be carefully chosen. From considering the aesthetic appeal of the product to its durability and strength, everything must be carefully scrutinized. Even if you work with the most reliable designer, you as a home owner must survey and study the market to see what suits your needs the best both in terms of functionality and pricing. Most of these things like the raw material you use, plumbing fixtures etc last you for a very long time and when chosen wisely they can truly stand the test of time while retaining their original finish. We hope that these pointers help you make the right choices for your home and if you have any queries, you can comment and we’d be happy to assist you.

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