Ultimate Guide for Modern Kitchen in 2023

When you are designing the interior of your new home, the kitchen should be no exception. The process of decorating and designing the interiors of your kitchen is a lot more than choosing the wall colours, cabinets or appliances. In this blog, the best kitchen interior designers in Bangalore will help you to plan your kitchen interiors with amazing layouts.

Determining the Budget for Kitchen Interiors 

This is the most important part to get started with kitchen interior decorations. You have to be very realistic to match every aspect of your kitchen design with the intended plan. A modular kitchen design can really help you to stick to your budget and expect the best design.

Research and Create a Blueprint   

You will find tons of design ideas on the internet for the interior of your kitchen. You can explore Pinterest to get the best kitchen design ideas and layouts. This early planning will make the next step of designing the kitchen interior a lot easier.

Hire the Best Kitchen Interior Designers to Finalize 

Depending on your budget and project, it’s always to hire the best interior designers in Bangalore to get the perfect look for your kitchen. Atticarch provides top-notch kitchen interior designers in Bangalore that can provide the best quote for your project. We are a one-stop solution for clients who are searching for interior design solutions to meet their budgets.

Draft a Timeline for Kitchen Interior Designing 

Even designing the smallest kitchen space would require a timeline and patience. Thus, you have to draft a timeline that considers the supplies, fitting times, availability, and drying/setting times.

Building and Setting Up the Infrastructure  

You need to get a certified electrician and plumber to make your kitchen design a reality. For the electrician, there will be a lot of work related to wiring, electrical sockets, lighting, and outlets for appliances. Similarly, the plumber has to work on adjusting faucets and providing proper drainage for your kitchen.

Choosing the Paint 

You should be using fire and water-retardant paint for your modular kitchen design. In order to protect the painted finish on the cabinets, you can prefer a primer and bonding sealer. This would give your kitchen a fresh look for the new interior.

Floors, Backsplashes, and Countertops 

After working on the paintwork, you need to install a new floor, backsplash, and kitchen countertops for your modular kitchen design. Use clay tiles to create a very heat-resistant backsplash and flooring. Moreover, don’t forget to cover the adjoining areas to prevent spills.

Lighting, Cabinets, & Fixtures

Once your kitchen interior has started to take some shape, you need to start installing lighting, cabinets, & fixtures. Make sure that the cabinets have their fronts and drawers back, fixtures and faucets must be spot on, and lastly, the lighting should give the complete look.

The trustworthy kitchen interior designers in Bangalore will help you blend these three levels of lights into your kitchen;

  1. Task Lighting: This type of lighting is installed under the top cabinets to provide illumination for the countertops.
  2. General Lighting: These lights are responsible for illuminating the entire kitchen area.
  3. Accent Lighting: These lights are typically installed above a kitchen island to cast a warm glow on various surfaces.

Adding the Appliances   

This is the final step of kitchen interior designing, your interior decorator will be helping you install all your appliances and properly organize the cutlery and utensils in the kitchen space. They will also help you to buy appliances that match the colour theme of your modular kitchen design. You can also add some decorative plants near the kitchen window to enlighten the vibes.

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