Tips to make your home look minimalistic

As times change, so do trends but the two key decisions that you have to make while choosing the theme for your home is if you want it to be minimalistic or do you want it to be more vibrant. As one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore, we constantly meet clients who want a minimalistic decor theme for their space and we are happy to deliver. Here are some tips that you too can use to make your home look more minimalistic:

  1. Choose the right colour schemes

The idea of minimalism is to keep it simple with the mix of too many ideas. So whether they are colours, patterns or things- the idea is to keep it simple!

Starting off with your colour scheme, you should choose a colour scheme that is most appealing to you. Pick a base colour and you can  choose myriad shades of it to make it interesting while retaining a balance. You could use offwhite to beige to even brown or you can choose to keep it all black and white, pairing it with greys.  Choosing the right colours can do wonders for you.

  1. Choose a pattern

When you choose to go minimalistic, it does not mean that you have to make your home look boring or devoid of any character.  Choose a single pattern and use it very sparsely across your home to make it look interesting while maintaining simplicity in your decor. Whether you like geometric patterns or floral designs, pick one pattern and use it in minimal and controlled portions like in cushion covers, accents in curtains etc. Do not use patterns in upholstery or bed linen in abundance, instead pair it with plain materials in shades of the colours you have used in your home. You can also choose the wallpapers in colours that are in line with your colour palette and use it panels across different rooms. However, it is wise to use smaller patterns in comparison to large ones as they can be very overpowering and overwhelming.

  1. Declutter!

You cannot have a minimalistic theme going when your home is full of things and cluttered! Keep it very simple and having ample space around the house is one of the key factors that make a minimalistic theme work. Keeping things you need and ensuring that they have the same upholstery and the same shade of wood is imperative. You can use furniture that is foldable or those that can be easily hidden to ensure that you have ample things without compromising on your needs or design.

  1. Keep it natural

Ensuring that your home is flush with natural light and elements of nature can make a lot of difference.  As mentioned earlier, a minimalistic theme in no way implies a boring home. Add foliage,  splash of colours in the form of freshly cut flowers as it is a great way to constantly add colors and patterns to your home. Large windows that frame views from outside creates an ever changing view for your home.

  1. Lighting

A minimalistic theme can start looking very drab and even depressing when the right lighting is not used. From LED lights flush with your ceiling or walls to simple and elegant decorative lights, you should pair varied lights to create a pleasant ambiance in your home. If you have chosen to go completely simple with the other aspects of your home, you can choose elegant light pieces that are nothing short of sculptures and art for your home.

  1. Kitchen decor

As one of the most experienced kitchen interior designers in Bangalore, we can assure you that the kitchen decor is of key importance while looking at your home design.  Continue the same minimalistic theme for your kitchen and stay away from using too many colours or things in this space as well. Minimalism in terms of design and keeping it clutter free can help you achieve a kitchen design that is sleek and stylish.  Solid shutters and closed cabinets will help you achieve a clean look if you have too many things at home.

  1. Art and decor elements

Pair your minimalistic decor theme with art and elegant decor elements and artefacts to make your home look interesting while retaining a simple look. It could be custom made lights or even a unique coffee table, you can accessorize your home smartly to add a touch of elegance to your space.

The idea behind a minimalistic decor theme is to constantly control what goes into your home. Everything added should have a purpose and a deep meaning and anything that is less than that is better discarded.  When not done right minimalism can be boring and one can get bored very easily. Thus, reinventing yourself and subtly mixing things up within the realm of your theme can keep your home interesting and sophisticated.

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