Things to consider before hiring an interior designer

The joy of owning your home is quite unmatched and the responsibility of making it as per your specifications is a huge one. Right from the construction of it, to the finishing of your home, varied professionals are involved and quite naturally we should always seek the best in the industry to ensure that our home is overseen by the leaders amongst their peers. The process of making your home is time consuming and requires a lot of effort from your side as well as the professionals involved and it is imperative that you work closely as a team to make this dream space a reality.  If you are looking for residential interior designers in Bangalore, here are some of the pointers that you should keep in mind before choosing the interior designer for your home:

  1. Budget 

This is the most crucial factor to be considered before you begin the process of designing your home. You should have a tentative figure in your mind, to which the Interior designer’s cost will also be added. Based on their specialization, experience and knowledge, different Interior designers charge differently and some also offer packages for standard design services.  Thus, the starting point for the design process will be your budget and based on the same, you can finalize the designer of your choice and proceed with a tentative costing for the overall project in place.  Your budget also determines the extend of involvement and the services provided by the designer. For instance, a turnkey project is more expensive than just having the designer on board to provide the design while you oversee the rest of the work or hire someone else to do it.

  1. Role and involvement

Different design practices have different ways of working.  Some interior designers in Bangalore only restrict themselves to offer design services while they hand over the rest of the work to the concerned individual or organisations.  While some others offer end to end solutions where they have different teams in-house and coordinate and get the work done without the involvement of any external agencies. If you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of time or knowledge about interiors, it is best to hand over the project to someone who offers end to end solutions and it frees you off a lot of responsibilities which you would otherwise have to shoulder.  Thus, it is important to first determine the involvement that you require and outline the role of the designer before confirming the person you wish to hire.

  1. Understanding of their style 

While some interior designers take on different styles and themes as per the demand of each project and client, some others have their signature style that sets them apart. It is important to study the work undertaken by the designer to understand their design aesthetic and style and to see if that is something that you resonate with. If the style of the designer is too contrasting to your own ideas, it might not be easy to work together to create a design as per your specifications and aspirations.

  1. Ability to work as a team 

More often than not, the interior designer must work with different individuals to make a design a real built form. Right from working with carpenters to consultants working on plumbing, electrical etc., there are many diverse individuals involved with whom they must work amicably. Apart from that, they will have to closely work with you to understand your specifications and requirements thus, it is of paramount importance for the designer to be a team player and to work compassionately with his or her teammates to get the work on time and as per the specifications.

  1. Reviews and feedback  

Before you make a decision about which designer you wish to on-board, it is very important to speak to people that they have earlier worked with. Getting a genuine feedback and reviews from their earlier clients about their service, quality of work and authenticity is the deal maker in this process. The work done earlier must be durable, efficient and aesthetically appealing while the users feel that they have received the best service and enjoy the space created for them. Checking to ensure that they have delivered on time, used the material as promised, delivered the designs as discussed must be on top of your list of priorities.

Choosing the right interior designer for your home is the most momentous decision that you make and it must be done with a lot of precision and must be backed by ample research. We hope that these pointers will help you make the right decision to make your dream home a reality in the most beautiful and hassle free manner.

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