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Our home is our safe haven, it is our go to space after a long day of work and it is our private sanctuary to spend time with our loved ones. Thus, the design of our home is of paramount importance in how we perceive and use our space. Having a large space, that is poorly designed fails to create a sense of joy or contentment. Likewise, even a small but well designed space makes one feel happy and productive. As one of the leading home interior designers in Bangalore, we operate at various scales and work on both budget and luxury residences. However, our work on the luxury front has given us the tag of one of the most trusted luxury interior designers in Bangalore as we have created elegant and unique homes for our clients who seek something sophisticated and unique for themselves and their loved ones.

When we talk about luxury interiors, it is not necessarily the design of large spaces or the use of high end brands when it comes to raw material, finishes and fittings. Using the latest innovations, technology and design ideas that make life easier and more comfortable is also a key factor that can contribute to how luxurious a space is.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and aspirations and help translate these ideas into real spaces by providing customized design solutions that are unique to every client. We strive to offer a seamless and hassle free experience where the client enjoys choosing the best for their home while we ensure that things progress on time and effortlessly on site. As you choose the best fittings, finishes and products for your home, we make the magic happen with our team comprising of various workmen and consultants who tirelessly work to offer you a home that lives up to your expectations.

As one of the most reliable luxury interior designers in Bangalore, we understand the finer nuances that set a niche design apart.

From commissioned artwork, light fittings that nothing short of sculptures and sculptures by leading artists, we help you procure the best for your home while we work closely with our associates to customize everything for your home exactly as per your specifications. Handcrafted products sourced from across the world are used to give you an experience that is memorable and truly extraordinary. Our design experts will help you achieve a lifestyle that you desire for we believe that you deserve something truly extraordinary and one of its kind.

ATTICARCH is a multi-disciplinary Consultancy Firm, providing Architectural, Interior Designing and project management services to domestic and corporate clients.

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