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Owning a home is a dream for all of us. A beautiful and well designed home makes life simpler, peaceful and encourages us to lead a healthy and wholesome life. As one of the leading home interior designers, we have been in the industry for over __ years and have helped many home owners realize their dream of owning an elegant and well planned home. Our team of design professionals create design solutions exclusively for each of our clients based on their needs and aspirations. While the designs may vary, our dedication to provide quality spaces using superior quality raw materials and finishes remains the same. We offer interior design solutions for varying budgets and across numerous themes. From apartments to villas, we have worked with diverse clients to make their dream spaces a reality. Our designs make the most of the spaces and use principles of Vaastu and colour therapy to create spaces that have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the inhabitants.

We are drawn to the beauty of every nook and cranny and get carried away by the incredible possibilities that exist there, which is why, while designing a space, we pay close attention to every little aspect of every potential customer with the single goal of giving them “the finest.”

With the ever-evolving breakthroughs in technology and design solutions in mind, we specialise in providing contemporary luxury designs. At Atticarch, we are constantly keeping up with the latest trends, overcoming obstacles with creative solutions, and delivering the promised outcomes.

As one of the most trusted home interior designers in Bangalore we constantly experiment and come up with innovative and unique design ideas and that set us apart. Apart from uniquely crafted design solutions, we work closely with contractors, carpenters and other consultants to offer you a hassle free experience. Based on the budget and the requirements of the clients we choose different materials and finishes to achieve the desired output within the budget as determined. Regular site visits, close inspection and monitoring of the work that is undertaken on site by our team to ensure that the work is happening smoothly and as per schedule.

The ability to notice the beauty in everything requires an artistic eye. As interior designers in Bangalore, our designers evaluate your requirements, the layout of your home, and the interiors you desire before coming up with an innovative design that is in a league of its own when coupled with foreign styles and art. The designers are well knowledgeable about the many interior design styles and can manipulate anything to seem fantastic.

Designing your home is a lot more than just the spatial planning. Making estimates, outlining a budget, choosing the right contractors and consultants, site supervision, selection of material and a lot more goes into the making of a home that is efficient and well designed. The longevity of the woodwork done, the quality of the finishes used and accessories and fittings used also determine the quality of the spaces designed and we keep this at the core of all our operations to ensure that we assist you in choosing the best for your home. Our team of expert design professionals come with ample experience and design knowledge to assist you in making the right decisions for your home. You can be assured that you will have a hassle free experience of making your dream home a reality by working with us.

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