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Designing homes is more than just an artistic endeavour. It involves creating a comfortable environment where one can obtain mental calm. Atticarch places a strong emphasis on designing beautiful and practical homes where you may reflect and observe yourself raising a clan of self-thoughts, values, daily discipline, interests, and most importantly, a living. No matter if it’s a contemporary nuclear family or a large, traditional Indian family, we have the ability to construct, design, and embellish suitably.

As one of the leading residential interior designers in Bangalore, we have worked on a diverse number of residences across different locations, in different sizes and budgets. Our team of design consultants specialize in residential interior design and will assist you with design solutions tailored specifically for you. Every home is as unique as the inhabitants living there, and we create designs that are in response to the requirements and aspirations of the users. Our homes are an investment of a lifetime and we want our space to reflect our aesthetic inclination, lifestyle and beliefs while also offering us a space that is comfortable, safe and secure.

We not only pay attention to how people are changing their lifestyles today, but we also put the ancient Indian design philosophy into effect when designing Indian homes’ various utility rooms.

Our expertise in choosing color combinations and harmonizing decors has demonstrated the effectiveness of our abilities and established us as the top interior designers for homes. With our work for our clients, we have established ourselves as Bangalore’s most reliable interior designers, and we promise a home that reflects your personality.

The experienced and best home interior designers at Atticarch, a residential interior design agency, stay up to speed on the newest trends in residential interior design. The designs and topics of house interior patterns change periodically. The interior design patterns for the new style homes will be created by our best residential interior designers. They will enhance the appearance of your home and draw guests’ attention. The greatest fashionable interiors are available for your home. With the modern facelift your home will receive from our domestic design services, all of your guests will compliment your sense of style.

You may update your kitchen with the newest features and designs thanks to our residential interior design services. The use of conventional designs has ended. It will be visually beautiful and offer all kinds of amenities. The layouts of modular kitchens come in a variety of styles. Our household interior design services will evaluate your kitchen area and make recommendations for the most appropriate modular kitchen design. It will give this place a fresh appearance. Your decision would be a reflection of who you are. To boost its appeal, our domestic design services will work to incorporate the greatest, most popular elements. We are confident that you will adore the designs we create for you, and so are our top residential interior design firms.

The design thus created makes the most of every inch of your space to utilize the area available to its maximum capacity while offering you features and solutions that make your life simpler and more comfortable.  As we work on the interior design for each client, we understand their preference, their budget and also their short term and long term goals. We truly believe that a home should not just accommodate our needs in the present but it should grow with us and continue to sustain us in times to come. From spatial planning to choosing the material, finishes and the team that will work on your home, we work closely with you to offer the best advice and suggestions to make your dream home a reality.

We have worked on villas, apartments, holiday homes across varying scales and budgets which has given us the opportunity to explore diverse materials, brands and finishes. We work closely with our consultants and contractors to design your space as per schedule and to hand over your home in the stipulated period of time. We oversee the work done on site and ensure that drawings and design ideas are translated to build form and this is done using the most superior quality workmanship and material. Once you hand over your dream home to us, you can sit back and enjoy the process of choosing what goes into it while we make the magic happen!

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