Modular Kitchen – Tips to Get the Best out of a Kitchen Design

As one of the most sought after kitchen interior designers in Bangalore, we are often asked about how our clients can make the most of their modular kitchen. These kitchen setups are amazing to look at and when used well, they can be extremely utilitarian and user friendly. Here are some tips to get the best out of your modular kitchen:

  1. Use the right accessories and fittings

When you choose to customise your modular kitchen, ensure that you select fittings and accessories that are sturdy and simple rather than choosing something delicate and flimsy. Prioritize function and ease of usage over appearance to ensure that they last you long and easy to handle at all times. The durability can be compromised when the designs are too delicate or elaborate.

     2. Use the latest technology 

Make sure to add ample plug points, focus lights and the latest technology in place to ensure that your kitchen is highly functional and offers you a platform to use the latest gadgets and kitchen devices. Sensor supported fittings, waterproof electrical settings etc. should be on top of your priority list.

  1. Never overstuff your storage 

Do not ever overstuff your shelves and storage space. Whether they are cabinets or drawers, never pack them to maximum capacity as it can really compromise on the functionality and life of the unit. This is especially crucial in the case of overhead storage spaces and they can buckle under the excess weight that they are laden with and this can be quite dangerous.

  1. Be gentle with your usage 

Most of the drawers and cabinets nowadays are touch sensitive and open and close with just a gentle touch or pressure. Pushing or pulling them with extreme force and being rough with the fittings only reduces their lifespan and hinders with their smooth operation. Shelving that is foldable or sliding must also be operated gently to increase its longevity.

  1. Never place damp objects on wooden surfaces 

This is one of the most common mistakes that is widely made that drastically reduces the life of your storage units. Placing wet utensils in storage units or drawers can damage the wooden or laminated surfaces completely and it can completely ruin the woodwork. Not only does it reduce the lifespan of your set up but it can be extremely expensive to replace the whole set up again.

  1. Clean regularly 

Cleanliness and maintaining a hygienic kitchen is a key to make the most of it. Imagine a pest infested kitchen! It is certainly what nightmares are made of and this is best avoided. Deep cleaning your kitchen and getting rid of grime, dirt, pests and insects from surfaces and crevices is a must and this activity must be done religiously to ensure that your kitchen is thoroughly clean at all times. We now have access to many agencies and service providers who can do this for us, so if you are busy and cannot take the time out for this, make sure that you take the help of this service providers to deep clean your kitchen.

  1. Maintenance  

If there are any leaks, peeling paint or any other things that need upkeep, address it immediately. Make sure that your kitchen is maintained and checked for any repairs periodicals to enhance the life of the products and fittings used. Prolonging the repairs or neglecting it only leads to more damage that can be really expensive to fix at a later stage.

  1. Too many chemicals  

While it is important to clean your kitchen, refrain from using very harsh chemicals that can damage the wood, cause rusting or discoloration of products. Use mild but effective products and trustworthy ones that are non-toxic and do not cause any damage to the different surfaces and material used in the kitchen

  1. Optimise your space 

We understand that in times like these, space can be a constraint and not all of us have access to very large spaces. But a well-designed and compact modular kitchen can work better than any large space. The storage and units must be carefully planned and organised to suit your requirements. The heights of shelves, slabs and accessibility of different units must be as per your ergonomics and comfort to make sure that you are making the most of your kitchen space and it is completely used to its maximum capacity.

  1. Ventilation 

Imagine a beautifully designed kitchen that has no ventilation! It can be hot, stuffy and simply dangerous to have a kitchen that is not ventilated. Both natural and artificial ventilation is a must in all kitchens. Adding a chimney and an efficient exhaust system is a must to ensure that the hot air and smoke etc. is sucked out. Not only does lack of ventilation make it unpleasant to use, it also causes the surfaces to become sticky and grimy and this is extremely hard to get rid of.

A modular kitchen is flush with a lot of fittings, innovations and is made of diverse materials. Gently using it and understanding the behavior of each material will help you make the most of your kitchen while ensure that it lasts really long. We hope that these tips will help you optimize your modular kitchen to the fullest and you can enjoy your cooking experience in a setting that is elegant and user-friendly.

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