Luxury Home Decor Ideas & Trends in Bangalore

Banglore has become a central location for multi-millionaires with access to exorbitant luxury. In the age of modern interior design, some elements stay forever while many things change over the years. In this blog, the leading luxury interior designers in Bangalore are going to help you to choose the best decor ideas and trends.


We will explore some of the most luxurious interior design trends and ideas in Banglore that would help you to suit the personal style of your home.

  • Maximize Natural Lighting 

The exposure to natural lighting creates the impression of exposure to nature and the environment. It is a great idea for luxury home decor to relieve the human senses. Moreover, it helps improve sleep patterns, focus, and mood, and provides a great source of vitamin D. Hiring a leading residential interior designer in Bangalore can help you achieve this. They will be helping you to install big windows and lots of reflective surfaces.

  • Pendants 

Investing in big lights could be a very great idea to get that luxury piece of art. They appear very decorative and elegant when they become the centre of attraction in a luxury home. Hire trustworthy luxury interior designers in Bangalore, they would help you install the rightly placed and boldly sized lighting to grab everyone’s attention to your luxury decor.

  • Interior Inspired by Outdoor 

Again, connecting with nature has become very a major trend for luxury decor ideas in Banglore. The green and biophilic designs create easier and more gentle impressions on the eye. The leading residential interior designers in Bangalore consider such interiors can even go beyond indoor colour palettes. Thus, you can also reflect the outdoor theme on your interior and furniture design. Your interior can be inspired by mountains, deserts, or arid environments to give that lively look to your luxury interior decor.

  • Gold Accents 

Adding gold colour to your interior automatically speaks about luxury and elegance. In fact, gold accents blend perfectly with earthly and natural palettes. You can experiment with the richness of gold and the grounded feel of sandy tones.

  • Vintage Armchairs 

The vintage look of the retro arm creates the perfect impression of elegance and comfort. You can take the help of luxury interior designers in Bangalore to get a velvety sofa and jewel-coloured armchair. The Italian designs create some of the most exquisite looks for accent chair designs. Above all, you will find the 1960s lines, materials, and fine colours, which automatically reflect fine luxury for home decor.

  • Luxury Wall Decors 

Wall decor truly plays an important role in decorating and creating the appeal of a room. For amazing luxury decor, you can rely on amazing artwork, mirrors, shelves, and wall scones. This would be very helpful in adding sophistication to your interior design. Hiring the leading residential interior designers in Bangalore can be a sensible design to select the right luxury wall decor.

  • Metallic Luxury Decor Items 

A luxury space becomes complete with the addition of metals like gold, silver, brass, etc. Thus, you can invest in high-end metallic decor for that extra sophisticated look for your interior. Try to ensure that the decor is placed against a dark backdrop to create a solid impression.

  • Faux Fur Luxury Furnishings 

Using faux fur for home decorations and furnishings is known as a great style accessory and adds visual interest to the interior. For this reason, you can shop for some blankets, scatter cushions, area rugs, and footstools to create that luxury look for your home interiors.


Professional Help for Luxury Home Decor Ideas

If you want to upgrade your home interiors with a luxury look, then you should take the professional help of Atticarch. We provide top-notch interior designing services to help our clients to design the most exquisite and luxurious interiors for their residential spaces.

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