Importance of good lighting at home

Lighting plays a very significant role in our day to day lives. It is one of the most crucial aspects of interior design of any space that must be meticulously planned to create a comfortable and productive environment for the inhabitants. We, at Atticarch, are a seasoned team of luxury interior designers in Bangalore and we are here to give you some tips on how you can improve the lighting in your home to create a pleasant and ideal environment.

  1. Layering lights

Layering of lighting is a very important step that is often overseen in most spaces. Especially for luxury interior design, it is very important to pair different lights to achieve an appeasing and sophisticated ambiance. Pairing ambient lighting with task lighting and focus lighting is the key to achieve a look that is balanced, nuanced and elegant.

  1. Choose the right light

While most spaces need a combination of ambiant and task lighting, it is imperative to choose the right type of light for each space. For instance, cove lighting is the a great way to incorporate ambiant lighting in a large space like living rooms. This can be paired with focus lights placed at regular intervals along with focus lights on wall art, paintings or any decor objects. You can also add a designer chandelier or unique floor mounted lamps to enhance the decor of your space.

  1. Pairing of white and warm lighting

You might have often seen bright white lights and lights in warmer tones. Both colours have completely different impact on the decor and the efficiency of the space. Warmer tones are more cozy and well suited for spaces like bedrooms, lounge spaces etc, however for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms etc it is important for have light that encourages productivity and offers uniform pleasant lighting.

  1. Task lighting

Task lighting is a form of lighting that assists you in completing a task successfully. Fluorescent lights, spots lights, table lamps are different forms of lights used to brighten up spaces like study rooms, kitchens, bathrooms etc. Inbuilt lights under cabinets, focus lights above mirrors in bathrooms and vanity areas and lights in dressers help in making tasks easier and to increase the efficiency of the individual. Many an often, lights in kitchens and bathrooms are overlooked thus making these spaces look gloomy and uncomfortable to work in.

  1. Lighting to enhance the decor

If you are someone who enjoys using art and artefacts in your space, you must ensure that your home has ample provision for focus lights. Using spotlights for paintings or floor or table mounted artefacts is a great way to draw attention to the object and to create focus points in your space.

  1. Lights as decor objects

Chandeliers, floor and table mounted lamps are not just lighting devices but add up as decor elements as well. If you are seeking luxury interior design for your space, you can custom make your lights or choose designer lights for your home. The market is  full of designer lights in varying shapes and sizes in varying budgets too. Crystal Chandeliers, lights made of metal and an array of finishes are available which can be chosen based on the theme of your decor. You can use warm or white lights as per your preference.

  1. Customise your lighting style

It is important to evaluate and understand the activities undertaken in each space of the house. For instance, it is recommended to have warm and low lighting in bedrooms with focus lights and fixtures in specific areas like dressing areas, study areas etc.

Focus lighting and dedicated lighting fixtures are essential for task driven areas Iike kitchens, bathrooms etc. Each individual’s activity is different and it is crucial to understand and discuss our requirements before the lights are chosen and points are alloted to add fixtures at a later date.

  1. Outdoor lights

While this may not be a part of your indoor space, outdoor lighting for terrace, balcony or gardens are to be given equal importance.  Waterproof lights that have motion sensors are best for such spaces. These lights are not just important to ensure the safety of the inhabitants, but they are also a great way to make your space look welcoming.

We hope these tips help you create a space that is elegant and welcoming while also making sure that the space is geared with efficient lighting to undertake tasks on a day to day basis.

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