Decor Tips for a Small Kitchen

In today’s times, compact homes have become common place owing to the inflated land values and growing demand for space. In most homes today, the kitchens are small and compact, ideal for small families and the fast lives that most of us lead. But does a small space mean that you have to compromise on the quality of space that you have? Absolutely not! As one of the best interior design firm in Bangalore we can tell you that a well-designed space is much more efficient and user-friendly than a large and badly planned space. Here are some tips to optimize your small kitchen for maximum utility and efficiency:

  1. Picking the right design and colour theme

It is advisable to choose light colours and minimal or small patterns for your kitchen. Large patterns, dark colours and too many colours and designs can make the space look claustrophobic and small. Light colours and small or no patterns give a sense of spaciousness and make the space look bright and airy.

  1. Closed vs open shelves

While open shelves are a great way to add character to your kitchen, they can make your kitchen look crowded and untidy when not maintained well. Not to forget, they can catch a lot of dust and need constant cleaning. Hence, we recommend you opt for close shelves and cupboards either using solid wood or a mix of frosted glass and wood. This gives a uniform and tidy finish to your kitchen and makes your kitchen look sleek and stylish even if it is small.

  1. Ample lighting

As we also don the role of kitchen interior designers in Bangalore, we observe that lighting is often overlooked in most kitchens. Ample and functional lighting is a amiss in most spaces. It is extremely important to choose the right type of lights and fixtures and to position them in the right locations.  Functional lighting under overhead cabinets, focus lighting to undertake activities like cutting, cleaning etc must be incorporated into the kitchen space.

  1. Vertical storage

Give the horizontal storage a miss and opt for vertical storage instead. Storage is an integral part of any kitchen and no amount of storage is ever enough. However, instead of opting for large floor mounted storage units, opt for and tall storage that take up much lesser storage space and are equally efficient as horizontal storage. Spice racks, bottle holders, multipurpose storage spaces can be easily accommodated vertically to make the most of the space available.

  1. Multipurpose storage spaces

While the market is full of a wide variety of dedicated baskets and racks for each type of storage, we recommend you give this a miss and choose Multipurpose storage spaces instead. Movable and easily adjustable space organizers are a great way to organize a storage unit where you can easily change the function and the purpose of the storage unit without any hassles. It is easy to maintain and clean and can be customized and adjusted based on our changing requirements.

  1. Hooks and hanging storage

We totally swear by this idea as it perfect for compact homes. Using hooks to hang pots and pans and using products like silicone gel tapes can help you save a lot of space and make the most of the space you have. You can use hooks of varying sizes and types based on the kind of kitchenware you use and also go through a wide array of solutions available in this category.  It is creative and helps add a charming character to your kitchen space.

  1. Natural ventilation and air circulation

Irrespective of the size of the space, having ample natural ventilation and sufficient cross ventilation is of paramount importance.  Choose traditional, openable shutters or sliding windows to bring in enough light, while also ensuring that there is passage for the smoke and heat of the kitchen space to escape.  Ensure that the stove is not kept close to the window and place the exhaust fan and chimney strategically.  Especially for Indian homes and cooking that uses a lot of heat and discharges smoke, circulation of air should be given high priority and sufficient ventilation options should be provided that includes both natural and artificial.

These decor tips will help you make the most of the spaces that you have in your kitchen and optimize your space with minimal investment and effort. Talk to us now to design the most innovative and modern kitchen tailored based on your requirements.

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