Colour of the Month – Yellow

Every colour has a profound impact on our mood and long term exposure to it can also have a significant impact on our mental well-being. Whether it be vastu or fengshui, colours are considered as one of the most important aspects of interior design as they not only determine the ambiance created but they also influence the moods of the inhabitants. Atticarch is an interior designing company in Bangalore, and we constantly create design solutions that help make spaces beautiful, efficient and user-friendly while promoting the wellbeing of the inhabitants of the space.

Yellow is considered a cheerful colour on the colour wheel that is often associated with joy, comfort and happiness.  There are many shades of yellow ranging from bright yellow to mute earthy tones like mustard yellow that can be used across your home to create the right ambiance. Here, we discuss some of the ways in which the colour yellow can be used in your home:

  1. A bright welcome! 

You can use a mellow shade of yellow in your Foyer or living room as an accent wall or in the upholstery to instantly brighten up the space. It instantly lifts the mood and is a great welcome to sore eyes after a tiring day at work. However one must remember to avoid extremely bright shades and reflective surfaces or finishes while using this colour here.

  1. Yellow for the living room 

This is one of the most preferred colours in slightly darker rooms or for themes that are more boho and vibrant in nature. It opens up the space and makes it look larger. While the brighter shades of yellow are best left for bold decor themes that see a pairing of reds and yellows, lighter shades can be used to create a more welcoming and subtle environment and is ideal for those who are seeking to make their home look minimal yet cosy. It can be used for walls that accommodate large window as it pairs beautifully with the shades of nature and creates a beautiful collage with the shifting outdoor landscape.

As we now see a surge in bringing nature indoors by adding lots of indoor plants, you can use yellow as a great canvas to create a bright and welcoming space for your guests and users of the living room.

  1. Yellow dining rooms 

This is one of the most preferred colours for dining rooms as it is associated with comfort and cheerfulness. You could use brighter shades of yellow here to create a welcoming and appetizing environment in your dining room. You can pair it with off whites, whites, orange or even shades of light grey to create a pleasant space for the users.

  1. Muted yellows for bedrooms 

Bedrooms are spaces for rest and relaxation. Thus, in order to create a more restful and peaceful environment, one should choose more muted and earthy shades of yellow. Mustard yellow and earthy shades of yellow work well with browns and this pairing can be used to create cozy and comfortable bedrooms without over-stimulating the senses at times of rest.

  1. Yellow for kids rooms and study 

We often encourage the use of bright colours in study areas and kids room as these spaces need colours that encourage cheerfulness while also promoting productivity of the inhabitants.

Yellow can be a great colour for kids bedroom as it is bright and comforting without over-stimulating the mind. It can be paired with hints of orange, green and lots of white or off-white to create a balance. While we do want to create a room that sparks a child’s creativity and boosts their mood, we also must aim to create spaces that are relaxing and comfortable cocoons for our little ones when it’s time to rest.

For spaces dedicated to study or exclusive study rooms, bright yellow paired with white or offwhite works beautifully as it makes the space look bright and full of natural light.

  1. A yellow balcony! 

As mentioned earlier, yellow is one of the best colours that pairs with the colours of nature. If you wish to create a balcony that is vibrant and cozy, yellow would just be the colour for you. You can use yellow patterned tiles or a stucco yellow wall as a backdrop to your plants and foliage. It is an instant mood lifter and can be a great escape after an exhausting day at work.

  1. Yellow for kitchen

As one of the most seasoned kitchen interior designers in Bangalore, we can assure you that yellow is  one of the best colours for this space. It makes the space look airy, cheerful and encourages creativity and productivity thus making it an ideal choice for this space. You can pair it with grey, white or shades of orange or red to create varied end results based on your aesthetic inclination.

Yellow is one of those colours that are versatile and be used extensively when done carefully and in controlled measures.  From adding bright yellow flowers to your space to instantly shift the mood to having seamless pale yellow walls, there are many ways in which you can use this colour in your decor either as a highlight colour or as a complimentary colour to others. Let us know how you have added this colour in your space.

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