Colour of the month- off-white

Colours play a very crucial role in the decor of any place and home decor is no exception. Choosing the right palette is a game changer as it not only impacts your interiors but it plays a significant role in well-being of the inhabitants as well. Did you know that choosing the right colours can improve the productivity, improve the mental health and make the user’s of the space feel relaxed and calm? Atticarch is proud to be counted amongst the best interior designers in Bangalore and we are here to help you choose the right colour palette for your home.

The past couple of years have seen a surge in the use of light and subtle colours in interiors across the world. White is often chosen as a common colour for the entire home as it offers a plain background for varying  and colourful decor ideas and Off-white is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a warmer tone of white, that is easy to maintain and experiment with. Here are some ways in which you can use off-white in your decor :

– Monochrome

If you wish to make your home look spacious, choosing a monochromatic  palette would be ideal. This theme creates a sense of luxury, spaciousness and has a calming influence on the user’s of the space. Whether you opt for paint or  choose to have wallpapers, try to stick to the same shade of off-white with self prints or a  slight gradation of colour to achieve a space that looks elegant and upscale. In this particular theme, try to refrain from the use of too many colours, but you can incorporate the use of plants, fresh cuts flowers or a play of light to enliven the space.

– Keep it neutral

If you do wish to mix up contrasting colours, you can choose various neutral tints  of black, beige and shades of brown along with off-white walls to create a space that is elegant and timeless.  This is a theme that is pleasant and exudes a sense of style and elegance without trying too hard. It is easy to maintain and execute as you have a range of colours to work with. You could add a hint of green using plants or a pop of colour using fresh cut flowers or vibrant cushions and throws to take the decor up a notch. But remember to keep it simple!

– Make it lively!

Off-white is one of those colours that work perfectly well with both neutrals and bright colours. If you are someone who chooses vibrance and a splash of colour over mute tones, you can totally pair your off-white walls with a colours of your choice. Infact, off-white walls make the perfect canvas for you to get creative as you can use warm tones of yellow, orange, red and green to really add character and a boho vibe to your space. Off-white also pairs beautifully with rich and deep shades of  purple, maroon and pink. You can incorporate these colours in curtains, cushions, table linen or in your furniture to make your space look colourful and lively.  While off-white does offer a blank canvas, try not to make it too colourful as it can make a space look messy and unpleasant.

– Play with textures

Going back to the neutral palette, if you still wish to add character and drama to your space, pair your off-white walls with varied textures. From using roughly finished stone cladding to using textured or live edge wood, you can experiment with different textures to create a multidimensional experience for both your guests and visitors.  You can either use contrasting neutral colours like brown or black or go for varying tones of off white to cream to create different experiences and ambiance that is unique and appealing to look at.

– Reverse colour play

While using off-white for your walls is a great idea to really experiment with different decor themes, you can also reverse the colour schemes by having colourful and contrasting walls while your furniture and upholstery is in a subtle shade like off-white. From fine bed linen to plush sofas in this beautiful colour, you are sure to beat the crowd by reversing the palette and style that is extensively followed. However, it is very important to remember that upholstery in this colour is not easy to maintain and can stain very easily. Choosing the right material that is comfortable to use while also easy to clean is of utmost importance here.

Off-white is a great colour for any space and we swear by its charm! We are sure that these ideas have really helped you create a colour palette for your dream home and we are excited to see what you create. We, at Atticarch are an experienced team of home interior designers in Bangalore and as constantly strive to create homes that are safe havens for our clients and spaces that promote the wellbeing and productivity of the users. Carefully curated home interior design is one the best ways to ensure that you are offering a wholesome and healthy environment for your loved ones.

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