Basic Vastu Tips for Your Home

A well planned home is not just a space that is optimised for maximum utility of spaces, but it also encourages the growth and well being of the inhabitants. Vastu has been an integral part of the Indian culture and is derived from a deep understanding of our homes and what works best to encourage a positive and healthy environment for the inhabitants. Atticarch is a studio comprising of experts and residential interior designers in Bangalore and we have listed some simple Vastu tips to keep in mind while buying and designing your home.

Ideal entry to the house

It is very important to choose a plot or an apartment with a vastu compliant entrance. The main door should face north, east or should be in the north-east direction. The entry in any other direction is not preferred. The door must be placed in such a way that when you step out, you face the north, east or north-east direction. The door should be made of superior quality wood and it should tower over all the other doors in the house. This is one of the most basic and important element of vastu that must be kept in mind while purchasing a property.

The shape and profile of the rooms

The rooms should be rectangular or square in shape and should be brightly lit and well ventilated. Irregularly shaped rooms and odd profiles for rooms should be avoided. Dark and badly ventilated rooms are not encouraged as they can be depressing and do not create an ambiance of rest and relaxation.

Basic placement of rooms

The living room should ideally  face east, north or north-east. It can also face the north-western direction. It should be clutter free and appealing to look at as it is the gateway to the house. Ideally, the bedroom should be in the  south-west direction and it is never encouraged to have bedrooms in the north-east or south-east part of the house. The south-east direction is considered most ideal for the placement  of the kitchen. Toilets should face the north-west direction of the house and should never share a common wall with the kitchen or the Pooja room and they also should never be placed under the stairs.

Choosing the right colours

Colours play a very important role in creating the right ambiance. It can dictate the mood of the users making it a crucial factor to be considered while designing your house. Based on Vastu, you should use white, off white or beige for the living room. As it is the room that welcomes our guests and showcases our style and personality, it should be pleasing and pleasant to the eye. Dark colours should be avoided here. Warm and appetising colours like orange, peach or yellow should be used in the dining room to create a welcoming and friendly environment. Likewise, a similar palette can be chosen for the kitchen which is lively and enhances one’s mood and boosts their productivity. Woody green, peach, orange are some of the colours that are most suitable for kitchens. Bedrooms are areas dedicated to rest and relaxation, and based on the individuals using the room, the colours can be chosen. Colours like mauve, red, pink, shades of brown etc are ideal for couples and older people and cheerful and lively colours like blue, pink, sober shades of yellow, green are most suited for children. Shades of grey, blue and purple are ideal for bathrooms across the house. You can choose different shades of the aforementioned colours based on your taste and preference and these can be paired with neutral colours like white, tones of brown and beige or offwhite to create a wholesome look for your home.

Apart from these decor tips, here are some day to day tips based on vastu that will help you create a well balanced and positive environment at home:

Always try to keep your house free of clutter and unwanted things.  This is especially important to consider while you maintain your living room and bedrooms. Try to keep it minimal and as clutter free as possible.

Never leave your kitchen slabs messy and dirty overnight. Ensure that it is clean and tidied before you go to bed.

If you are a patron of art, try to place artwork that is positive and appealing. Vastu discourages the use of artwork that depicts violence especially in the pooja room and areas dedicated to meditation.

Vastu believes that every object in your house brings with it a certain energy and can impact your well being. As residential interior designers in Bangalore, we follow vastu extensively in all our designs and ensure that we offer the right guidance and suggestions to our clients in all aspects, keeping in mind this traditional practice. Vastu is extensively based on science and the study of climate thus offering crucial pointers that help us make the most of the space.. Vastu compliant designs for homes create a positive and calm environment that is ideal for rest, relaxation and the overall growth of the occupants.

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