Tips for bathroom decor

We visit a restaurant or a hotel and fall in love with a bathroom, but when it comes to the bathrooms in our homes, we pay little attention to the design that goes into its decor. As one of the most trusted residential interior designers in Bangalore, we can’t emphasize enough on the significance of a […]

Things to consider before hiring an interior designer

The joy of owning your home is quite unmatched and the responsibility of making it as per your specifications is a huge one. Right from the construction of it, to the finishing of your home, varied professionals are involved and quite naturally we should always seek the best in the industry to ensure that our […]

Modular Kitchen – Tips to Get the Best out of a Kitchen Design

As one of the most sought after kitchen interior designers in Bangalore, we are often asked about how our clients can make the most of their modular kitchen. These kitchen setups are amazing to look at and when used well, they can be extremely utilitarian and user friendly. Here are some tips to get the […]

5 Tips to make your home eco-friendly

One of the biggest concern that we are faced with today is the condition of our planet and ecosjī9ystem. We are experiencing a lot of natural hazards due to the change in the ecosystem and the climate and it is the need of the hour to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of […]

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