5 Tips to make your home eco-friendly

One of the biggest concern that we are faced with today is the condition of our planet and ecosjī9ystem. We are experiencing a lot of natural hazards due to the change in the ecosystem and the climate and it is the need of the hour to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of the planet and the survival of mankind.  As one of the leading interior designing company in Bangalore, we constantly strive to create design solutions that are eco-friendly and cause little harm to the planet. Here are some tips that you too can follow to make your home eco-friendlier.

  1. Follow the three Rs 

Yes, we are talking about REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. These are the three Rs that can bring a lot of positive change and must be adopted by everyone. Reduce buying and hoarding things that are not absolutely essential and if you do need something, always look for ways in which old things can be reused. Don’t forget to recycle and upcycle what you have. This helps reduce decency on large scale manufacturing that causes severe pollution, dependency on raw material and also helps reduce waste that is ultimately dumped in the oceans and forests.

  1. Use alternative sources of energy 

Energy alternatives like solar energy, wind energy and many other renewable resources available today must be sought to make our homes as self-sufficient as possible without depending on non-renewable sources of energy. Apart from this, energy efficient lighting solutions, LED lights and fixtures that conserve energy must be preferred. As one of the leading luxury interior designers in Bangalore, we can assure you that we have access to some of the best solutions and technologies available globally that will help us make our homes more self-sufficient and dependent on greener energy resources. While solar energy and installation of solar panels has become mandatory for most homes and is an affordable alternative, there are many other green energy solutions that can be sought by individuals having a lavish budget.

  1. Make the most of the natural resources 

We are blessed with abundant natural resources that we can use to make our homes eco-friendly.  Installing rainwater harvesting units and composting your biodegradable wastes are some of the simplest ways to make use of the natural resources we have at hand. While the government has made it mandatory for most buildings to have rain water harvesting units, when done right, you can save a lot of water and manage it to last you for a handsome amount of time. Likewise, composting your waste and making natural manure for your gardens and lawns can be highly beneficial for the ecology.  Not only does it provide the much needed nourishment to the soil, it also reduces the burden on our waste management systems that are already under a lot of pressure.  Making the most of the resources we have at hand can be healthy and have a long-term impact on the wellbeing of our planet.

  1. Use of natural material  

Try to use material that is eco-friendly and easily recycled. Our homes produce an alarming amount of waste that comprises of plastics and other hazardous wastes that are highly poisonous to our ecosystem.  Try to consciously reduce your dependency on such products and choose material that is made of natural fibers and is easily recycled or reused. From cloth and paper bags to replacing plastic containers with glass or ceramic ones, we can make conscious decisions that will help us lead an eco-friendly life.

  1. Use green cleaning solutions 

While we continue to buy cleaning solutions off the rack, little do we know that we can make efficient cleaning solutions at home! As mentioned earlier, we are highly reliant on mass manufactured products that come in unhealthy plastic packaging that ultimately finds its way into the or the forests. If you can make simple cleaning solutions at home, not only are you reducing your dependence on mass manufactured goods, but you are also reducing the plastic waste that you will be producing. Apart from this, these complex chemicals finally mix with water making it much more challenging to purify the water to make it fit for use again.

Easily available products like baking soda, vinegar, soap nut etc make for great alternatives to the store brought cleaning solutions. They are not only eco-friendly, but efficient, safe to use and pocket friendly too.

As a company that creates tailored design solutions for our clients, we constantly attempt to integrate eco-friendly solutions into our designs to ensure that the homes thus created are self-sufficient and have minimal dependence on harmful practices. We try to use natural materials instead of synthetic material and opt for technology and innovations that are eco-friendly and sustainable in nature. While some ideas like installation of solar panels or energy efficient lighting can seem like a financial investment, it is a step in the right direction and will be highly beneficial in the long run. You can save on electricity bills, get concessions and subsidiaries while you give back to the planet as you attempt to choose a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones and for mother nature.

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